Scissor Sisters are exactly what they sound like: a great band. They’re certainly one of the best of the new millennium. I would say they’re one of the best groups ever, but I’m a fan. I would say that. You could do worse than rank all their songs, but there aren’t enough days in the month. In February, I can only list 29 songs. If there’s one thing I know about them, it’s that they have at least 31. SS is my favorite band on an indefinite hiatus.ASHmtumblr_mjgqw9uqPZ1r5fhkdo1_500mI’m not sure why they don’t get more love. They draw from a variety of influences, so there’s a good chance you’ve heard one. I had the pleasure of seeing them in 2007, but I was really far away. It was like watching YouTube across the room yet in person. If you’ve seen them live or live to see them, you’ll know their shows are energetic. They’re upbeat, if not always uptempo. I think they’re having at least as good a time as you inasmuch as the opposite is true.c86mSongs are full of twists and wordplay. A number of lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, if nothing else. They’re something else. Most important, the band is musically gifted. It has some of the best bridges around. I enjoy a good falsetto. If that’s not your thing, you might get a little tired of it. They have habitually heavy highs. Insofar as their music is a cut above its ilk, the tone is, too. I hope the following are not the final highs of an epic run.

Note: the following is on the explicit side (South Park):


31. “Skin This Cat”

30. “Comfortably Numb

29. “Any Which Way”

28. “Kiss You Off”

27. “Only the Horses”

26. “Return to Oz”

25. “Night Work”

24. “Might Tell You Tonight”

23. “The Other Side”

22. “Sex and Violence”

21. “Let’s Have a Kiki”

20. “Music Is the Victim”

19. “Inevitable”

18. “Baby Come Home”

17. “Whole New Way”

16. “Fire With Fire”

15. “It Can’t Come Quickly Enough”

14. “Better Luck Next Time”

13“Harder You Get”

12. “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin'”

11. “Laura”

10. “Skin Tight”

9. “Everybody Wants the Same Thing”

8. “Mary”

7. “Land Of A Thousand Words”

6. “Lights”

5. “Invisible Light”

4. “Year of Living Dangerously”

3. “Take Your Mama”

2. “Night Life”

1. “She’s My Man”