This isn’t about me so much as I’m about the music. For that matter, gcbcd is never about its managers. It’s adjacent in our view, if not just to it. Ideas are from a perspective, but not about it. You might say it’s subjective. The subject is the objective. All told, you can’t be removed. What you say says something about you, if not explicitly. It’s more important to know what is read than who. If you get what I’m saying, you get me, too.b7bfjjucyaanajmNot everyone can remember what they listened to in 8th grade. How can I be sure? I still listen to it. It’s not even nostalgic because there has been no break in continuity. I don’t listen as much as I used to, but that’s because there’s more music now than there was then. I also listen to EDM on its own. In other words, there’s EDM and there’s everything else. Sluggish taste suggests immaturity, but I call it authenticity. If I didn’t know any better, I would say I’m still 13.13-going-on-30-postermThey say there’s a certain maturity to childishness. Or maybe it’s a childlike mind. Seeing the world. Listening, too. Hearing the world through the eyes of a child. I hope I can open your eyes, if not your ears, to noise. My list is comprised of aggressive nu-metal or alternative rock. I wasn’t an emo, yet I reveled in unqualified statements of generic passion. “Wow, this music really gets me. Or do I get it?” Metaphysical gnosis in the key of dithering pubescence.giphybbm


(Honorable mention) Sev, “Same Old Song”

(Honorable mention) Trust Company, “Downfall”

(Honorable mention) Rammstein, “Engel”


31. Deftones, “Minerva”

30. System of a down, “Chop Suey!”


29. Drowning Pool, “Bodies”

28. The Rasmus, “In the Shadows”

27. Box Car Racer, “I Feel So”

26. Creed, “My Sacrifice”

25. Disturbed, “Down With the Sickness”

24. P.O.D., “Alive”

23. Sum 41, “Fat Lip”

22. t.A.T.u., “All the Things She Said”

21. Blink-182, “Feeling This”

20. Marilyn Manson, “Tainted Love”

19. The Vines, “Outtathaway!”

18. Trapt, “Headstrong”

17. Unwritten Law, “Seein’ Red”

16. Utada Hikaru, “Simple and Clean”

15. Korn, “Make Me Bad”

14. Saliva, “Rest in Pieces”

13. Metallica, “Fade to Black”

12. Story of the Year, “Anthem of Our Dying Day”

11. The Offspring, “Gone Away”

10. Good Charlotte, “Hold On”

9. Papa Roach, “Last Resort”

8. Saliva, “Your Disease”

7. Fuel, “Falls On Me”

6. Our Lady Peace, “Somewhere Out There”

5. Evanescence, “My Immortal”

4. Switchfoot, “Meant to Live”

3. Yellowcard, “Only One”

2. Puddle of Mudd, “Blurry”

1. Cold, “Stupid Girl”