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Music you may have heard of, if not heard.


Chicago Primer

Revisited: I left the intro of this primer blank, so I’ll say a little something (with a hope of returning in full ). The band is now entering a 50th year. It’s been around forever…if, by ‘forever,’ you mean it’s been around since 1967. They’ve been ... Read more...

E.P. Prymer

The first time I saw Eric Prydz live was at a Madeon concert. Hugo was still young enough to be a prodigy, although I suppose it’s relative to talent as much as age. Or maybe they’re relative to each other. I’ve also heard it said that Madeon always ... Read more...
Scissor Sisters

A Cut Above

Scissor Sisters are exactly what they sound like: a great band. They’re certainly one of the best of the new millennium. I would say they’re one of the best groups ever, but I’m a fan. I would say that. You could do worse than rank all their songs, b... Read more...

An 8th Grade Primer

This isn't about me so much as I'm about the music. For that matter, gcbcd is never about its managers. It's adjacent in our view, if not just to it. Ideas are from a perspective, but not about it. You might say it's subjective. The subject is the ob... Read more...

Leave Out All the Rest

I appreciate Linkin Park. Hybrid Theory was my first album. Beginning to end, if not "In the End," it's astounding. LP is one of those bands that struggles to make a bad song, even if it's not your favorite. This may call for an extended list. I shou... Read more...


Electric Light Orchestra, going as "Jeff Lynne's ELO," released a new album in November. It's the first since Zoom, 2001. Although his new songs may not be hits along the lines of his 70s output, Lynne can do virtually no wrong. They didn't remind me... Read more...

Monday Mash

With the recent release of "Yeezer," I remembered a period of high school when I only listened to mashups. Producers were getting pretty savvy with their equipment. It was only a matter of time before people got bored with any old new song. This was ... Read more...