Amassing our favorite tracks each month. Lists build until their term is over.


Fièvre Fevrier

Hopefully nobody gets sick because we’ve got some sick music. (-_-) I've been saying this for two months, but you can tell the alliteration situation is des... Read more...

January Judder

2015 lingered. As long as it felt, however, 2016 is going to be even longer as it's a leap year. Hopefully that means even more good music than usual. As expect... Read more...

November Notes

I'll try to keep each playlist current, but definitely want to sneak in some oldies. Songs from previous lists will never be repeated. I can already tell th... Read more...

October Octaves

Updated on the reg. This title sounds like a very temporary a cappella squad. Every year, they spend one month performing Halloween songs before disbanding ... Read more...

Summer Samples

In retrospect, it's fun to see the influences that bear out the title of your article. This kind of sounds like a pornstar. Included is an array of festi... Read more...