Some things are exactly as they appear to be. On the other hand, if not another one, that’s the thing about things. When described as such, a thing is material. It’s a sure thing. All the same, it’s ambiguous. If it’s a “thing,” the material is immaterial. We use the word to identify existence, if not identity. “Is that really a thing?” “Oh, it’s a thing. It’s a thing thing.” In turn, an element may be exactly as it appears to be, which is not what it appears to be.154650-050-B8A9A39Fm2It’s important to call a bluff, especially when your number is up. Nothing sells a lie like not buying one. Some hold the cards while others are cards themselves. Maybe the emperor believes he has clothes on, but maybe not. It’s probably easier to act like you do if you’re already in public. How hard is it to mime them? You just stand there. Isn’t that nudism? They’re people who think they have clothes on, but don’t. Or maybe they just act like it. Like they know.anigif_enhanced-5186-1450805220-2mgiphyammMaybe the emperor is a nudist. You have to decide if it’s more offensive to have him out there or be complicit in his subterfuge. People convince themselves of lies all the time. Does he naked lie or just nakedly? A bluff in the buff. “As you can see, I’m not hiding anything.” Being ‘naked’ may seem like honesty, but it’s an excuse. To get naked. Imagine if someone asked for the truth and you just derobe. Lies are in the body as much as body language. “The lie’s in your eyes.”

I can see why certain players wear shades. The subtlest twitch, if not reflection, can circulate a hand. Or is it just circulation? Is it a blood vessel dilating? Did mine twitch and make it look like yours did? My eyes or my mind? If I can’t believe my eyes, I certainly can’t believe yours. Then what? Sight beyond sight. I don’t just view a book. I read. If not, the page could, if not just as well be blank. I wouldn’t know. To read well or if you do, you pick up subtext.thundc02mText under your nose. If you read a person, read between the lines on their face, not into them. Naturally, there are things I’d rather not read into. The only thing more surprising than Donald Trump is Kars 4 Kids. It’s like they’re pacing each other. 8 months ago, I did not expect to be saying 8 months ago I did not expect to be saying they’re on TV. Seeing is believing and if I don’t see them I don’t have to believe I can.head-jingle2mIt’s not that I can’t believe it, I just don’t want to. Believe me, I doubt. Maybe there’s some sort of nonlocal entanglement. If one goes away, the other will, too. If you look away, however, it’s acknowledgement. I like to think I have a sixth sense about Kars 4 Kids. It makes me feel like I see less of it than I otherwise would. Have you ever been stuck? If you leave a problem and come back to it later, you may find it manageable.post2I think you internalize subconscious patterns initially handled short-term. You mold the issue until it isn’t as distressing. It resurfaces in kind. The mind is more open to a solution when it isn’t busy identifying the snag with its difficulties. I have applied this to Kars. Instead of looking away, I shut my lids and hope I’m better able to anticipate it. Sometimes I have to close my eyes before I can open them.quote-there-can-be-as-much-value-in-the-blink-of-an-eye-as-in-months-of-rational-analysis-malcolm-gladwell-44-94-17mWhen I do so, the commercial is on again in the exact same spot. The only thing approaching the muted ubiquity of Kars 4 Kids is poker. Of course, it’s subtlety rather than a button on my remote. I’m more receptive to, if not interceptive of recurring patterns. One thing I noticed is that I go to ESPN or some denomination thereof. I change channels and think, “The World Series of Poker.” I never thought anything of this thought because I’m not really into it.Frans_Hals_-_Portret_van_Rene_DescartesmI’m also not really into Kars 4 Kids, but I’ve come to know that all too well. Why does it seem like it’s always the World Series of Poker? Do they show reruns? I’m not saying it’s all the time, but it appears more than would be expected of a World Series. Maybe their season is shorter and not specific to a season. I thought about going back to school for Ad Sales so I could better understand the timing of Kars 4 Kids and avoid it.GreenDishonestAmethystgemclam2mI’ll take some of that passion out on the poker dilemma. I want to know if I’m making this up. As it turns out, the World Series of Poker is on right now. Like it is literally on now at 9:00 PM. It was also on last week as well as that of January 3, December 27, 20, 13, 6, and November 29, 22, 15, 8, 1, in addition to October 25, 18, 11, 4, not to mention September 27, 20, and 14 and sometimes in between. It was also on August 23, 9, 1, into July and beyond.59056339mIt’s not a theory. Future air dates are not posted because they haven’t been determined. In all, there are 65 events. They could happen in June or July. The Main Event final table isn’t until November. There are many rounds. This year, for example, the programming is comprised of 19 parts where last year entailed 16. It’s ambiguous because the listing says August through November, but Wikipedia alludes to previous months.b55mOn August 23, you have the 2015 National Championship. It’s labelled WSOP. On September 14, the 46th Main Event began. This is a tournament. It has stages. They’re episodes in an ongoing story like Pokermon: gotta catch ‘em all. The World Series of 2015 did end in November and everything since then has been a rerun. It would be interesting to see what they’ve been doing with 2014. I suspect ESPN would air the top out.pikachu_crys_for_vegeta_by_animelover0831-d65eul1mIf you watch poker you should watch the best. Mischief managed. ESPN has expansive coverage of the WSOP, each of which consists of 15-20 parts or more. Combined with repeats, you start to get a picture of broadcasting. Next time you turn on ESPN, don’t be upset that there’s another WSOP, if not the same one. As with all things in life, “At least it’s not Kars 4 Kids.” That’s my Trump card. A joker with a poker face.1250892121743mWSP isn’t listed in February. All tells told, poker is off February 10. I don’t think it’s offseason; they just need to update the site. I’ll keep an eye out for, if not on it. The WSP is May to July, though it could seem longer if you get the reruns. Watching poker is kind of like gambling. You never know if Kars 4 Kids is going to show up. Not if, but when. “And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you.” That abyss is Kars 4 Kids.