It’s time for another round of “Platonic Idealing,” where I try to guess the non-material abstract Form of my favorite songs this month. I’m not sure how to verify the accuracy of the playlist, especially since Plato himself is unavailable. I’ll have to consult the idea of Plato telling me. Otherwise, I guess it’s the general consensus. It’s up to you to tell me whether I’ve achieved the ideal of my favorite songs. Let me know if you think a different song should be one of them.

Originally, “Sugar” was in the playlist, but then taken down from SoundCloud. That’s fine, because everybody has already heard it (80 million+ on YouTube) and the Stadiumx remix is worthy:

These two were also taken down:



Here are two spiritually-tinted items in the holiday spirit:


Next is a “New” rendition of an Axwell /\ Ingrosso epic. Typically, Otto Knows nails it. His remix is more than “OK,” but atypical. I suspect it’s a ‘hate it or love it’ dynamic, if not love/hate. He doesn’t entirely reinterpret this song so much as repurpose it. The mix will be useful for a more intimate club environment:


Catchy Chemical Brothers song from the PlaysStation commercial that has an interesting music video:


Transitioning from The Chemical Brothers, here’s a mashup with Star Wars:


I was going to include this Black Sails mix in the playlist, but the siren onslaught is trying. The other 80% of the song is very good, though:


Another great Headhunterz mix for you:


E.P. Beats 1 in December:

And if you’re just looking for more en masse, here’s 5 hours of Prydz:


I overlooked “Until You Were Gone” until recently, but it has a couple of solid remixes this month:

He had to adjust the pitch for copyright purposes:


2015 was good for EDM and I’m excited about several upcoming projects. Axwell /\ Ingrosso is out sooner rather than later, while Eric Prydz is dropping Opus on 2/5. We could see new Justice, too. Here’s to another year of being particular about very mainstream things: