I’m pretty sure there’s going to be enough music for another playlist. Let’s see how this one goes. 31 is a good number. 31 or days in the month, whichever comes first.


Nero released a cool animated video for my favorite song off Between II Worlds, “Into the Night.” It has a sort of Akira vibe:

Reminds me a bit of the “Newlands” music video. Nothing to do with each other, except Nero occupies a niche in the vicinity of Justice and they’re both great:


In honor of announcing EPIC 4.0 and also because it’s Prydz, here’s the new Beats 1 Mix:


I wanted to include this in Decibels, but it’s not on SoundCloud:

The original is good, too:


The following are two songs that made it close to the playlist, but just missed because they are a little annoying.

Excellent vocals with annoying highs:

Generally catchy, except the hook didn’t need these chopped lyrics:

And if I’m going to mention that, I should suggest “Raven,” which came out this summer:

In a similar sense, I’ve had two songs lying around for a long time I think are actually really catchy, but a little too kitschy for typical play:


Additional, good remix of “Be Together”:


Finally, reiterating “Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Remix),” the best Adele remix: