The first time I saw Eric Prydz live was at a Madeon concert. Hugo was still young enough to be a prodigy, although I suppose it’s relative to talent as much as age. Or maybe they’re relative to each other. I’ve also heard it said that Madeon always looks like he’s just coming out of puberty. Then again, he is only 21. Anyway, Madeon put on an exceptional show. I’m particularly fond of “Finale” inasmuch as I didn’t want it to end, if not just be the end.

But everything comes to a close, though you wouldn’t know it from the way the night was just beginning. Leclercq was waving goodbye when a guy in a hat appeared. They shook hands as if they didn’t know yet knew of each other. If you’re not sure what that looks like, just imagine it. If they were surprised to see each other, it was more because they hadn’t expected to be in the same place and less because they hadn’t expected to find out the other exists.

Most people don’t accidentally find themselves in the DJ booth of Pacha NYC at 1 AM in the summer of 2012, especially now. I didn’t pay much attention to the hat because I hadn’t seen it before. I had, but not on this person. If I’d seen him perform, I’d know he always wears a Yankees hat. Eric went up to the mic and said something to the effect of, “What’s up, I’m Eric Prydz.” I’m not sure what he said, but he definitely said that.

At this point, everyone who heard freaked out. 012 Madeon and Prydz have an interesting cross section of fans. In many ways, their music couldn’t be more different. With that said, they are expert craftsmen. Even if you didn’t know much about Prydz, you knew every ‘legit’ EDM fan was supposed to have a passing knowledge of his work. I had a cursory knowledge. That is, my cursor had passed over his YouTube. The legitimate fans mentioned him excitedly and the bandwagon followed suit like a wave in the ocean or at a sporting event.

Prydz was playing at a venue on the East River, but the police shut it down. The acoustic reverberations cued noise complaints. Pacha was the promoter of that event and suggested Eric “Go West,” as The Village People or Go West say. Consequently, Madeon fans were treated to three hours of E.P. It was easy to become a Prydz aficionado and claim I had always been one because he released a bunch of material only two months before.

If you don’t know about him, you probably still know about “Call On Me.” I’ll get into that another time. Suffice it to say there is more music. Suffice it to say suffice it to say. While he produces great headphone music, the best way to hear Prydz is definitely in concert. The transition between songs is almost a song in itself, if not two. The following is ordered according to what I think is most accessible to someone who has only heard or heard of “Call On Me.”not-sure-ifcc

An an opener (as he often has for Eric), here are my two favorite songs from Prydagy Jeremy Olander:

“Kinetic (Jeremy Olander Remix)” – Golden Girls

“It’s No Good (Jeremy Olander Edit)” – Depeche Mode


Cirez D, a Prydz pseudonym, is always a good time. Nevertheless, his work is probably not the most casual intro to the catalog. As such, I have left him out of the 29 songs that eventually follow the next eight:

“Ruby” – Cirez D

“On Off” – Cirez D

“Mokba” – Cirez D


Here is a good remix of an Eric Prydz song. Part of why I post it is because I can’t find the original:

“Best Kept Secret (Michael Cassette Remix)” – Eric Prydz


And no list of E.P. music would be complete without a ranking of IDs:

4. “Melbourne Trak ID”/”HOLO ID01”

3. “Not Going Home (Eric Prydz Insomnia Bootleg)” – Faithless (It should be noted that “Not Going Home [Eric Prydz Remix]” has had an official release, but it doesn’t include the “Insomnia” section, which kicks in at 7:00)

Here’s the Avicii Remix for comparison:

2. “Exchange Finale ID”

1. “Ocean Drive”

I first heard “O.D.” that night and had no idea what it was, in part because I had no idea what anything was. I found a video of it (same night) a while later and asked the E.P. subreddit brain trust to identify it.( They also IDed the second song, “It’s No Good [Jeremy Olander Edit], which I mentioned earlier):


And now for the main course:

29. “Armed” – Pryda

28. “Axis” – Pryda

27. “Mija (Re-scored)” – Eric Prydz

26. “Shadows” – Pryda

25. “Lycka” – Pryda

24. “Power Drive” – Pryda

23. “Layers” – Pryda

22. “Melo” – Pryda

21. “Mighty Love (Instrumental)” – Eric Prydz & Andreas Postl

20. “Collider” – Eric Prydz

19. “Last Dragon” – Eric Prydz

18. “Call On Me” – Eric Prydz

17. “Proper Education” – Eric Prydz Vs. Floyd

16. “Nice (Eric Prydz Remix)” – Duran Duran

15. “Niton (The Reason)” – Eric Prydz

14. “Breathe” – Eric Prydz feat. Rob Swire

13. “One Day” – Pryda

12. “Pjanoo (Eric’s Intro Edit)” – Pryda

11. “Liberate” – Eric Prydz

10. “Generate” – Eric Prydz

9. “Som Sas” – Eric Prydz

8. “Circles (Eric Prydz Remix)” – Digitalism

7. “Every Day” – Eric Prydz

6. “We Are Mirage” – Eric Prydz & Empire of the Sun

5. “Midnight City (Eric Prydz Private Remix) – M83

4. “Opus” – Eric Prydz

3. “2Night” – Eric Prydz

2. “Allein” – Pryda

1. “Tether” – Eric Prydz VS Chvrches


Bonus: With the Ericstravaganza in effect, I’ll close with my favorite mashup featuring an E.P. song: