Hopefully nobody gets sick because we’ve got some sick music. (-_-) I’ve been saying this for two months, but you can tell the alliteration situation is desperate if I dip into another language. Next month is looking no different as all I’ve come up with is “March Madness.” At least it has the month in the title. Big month as a fan because Eric Prydz’s album is out and EPIC 4.0 is imminent. I could say something now, but I remember things more clearly after I’ve seen them.


Beats One Mix w/ Prydz in which he previews OPUS:

Here are my favorite tracks from the album (minus singles):



Great work from Fedde on his new album:


I never caught this when it came out:

Good remixes (besides BOXINBOX & LIONSIZE):


Catchy melody; would probably benefit from vocals:


Jumbo remix of “Bouncybob”:


There has been a rash of deep house covers lately:


This buzzsaw production is about as far as I can go, beyond which trap is irritating: