2015 lingered. As long as it felt, however, 2016 is going to be even longer as it’s a leap year. Hopefully that means even more good music than usual. As expected, the ‘alliterary’ nature of these monthly playlists has gotten a little obscure. Judder? I didn’t know that word existed until I looked it up. There is so much music out on SoundCloud that you never know if you’ve heard something before until you hear it again. On with it, already!


Axwell Ingrosso unveiled an instrumental version of “Dream Bigger” this month. It’s awesome and Pharrell’s vocals will only improve it. Do they release every song as a single? The album can’t be too far off:


Really catchy song from November; I only heard and heard about it this month. All told, it does not obviously appear to feature saxophones:


This has also been floating around for a while, but I listened to 1D only recently and now appreciate the masterful blend:

Perfect x Style // One Direction x Taylor Swift Mashup from Chanandler Bong on Vimeo.


Beats One episode 8 with Eric Prydz (1/8):

and another (1/22):

Interesting take on a combination of “Valerie,” the inspiration for “Call On Me,” and the latter: