I’ll try to keep each playlist current, but definitely want to sneak in some oldies. Songs from previous lists will never be repeated. I can already tell that alliterating these posts will get unreliable in a month or so.

If you’ve ever raved with me before, you’ll know what to expect. I appreciate all kinds of music, so I never want to make anyone feel bad for listening to something. Rather, I will feel bad for not having listened myself.

“Gamma Gamma (Jenaux Remix)” was on this, but not on SoundCloud anymore:


This Hermitude song rocks, but it came out in June. I heard it in the Samsung Gear S2 commercial, so maybe everyone knows it already. In any case:


I also like this Yellow Claw song. Their upcoming album, Blood For Mercy, is looking good. That said, the drop is a little inconsistent with building up in this way:

Another example of a song that gets everything right, then, inexplicably, drops trou (obviously, “We Made It” is less severe):


This is the Metal Gear Solid V theme song, “Sins of the Father,” by Donna Burke. Unquestionably one of the best things about the game. Also could have been an excellent Bond theme song. “Could have been a great Bond song” is starting to become a meme around here:

Intro is “Quiet’s Theme,” sang by Stefanie Joosten:

“Quiet’s Theme” is also excellent, though it does, at times, sound a little bit like “Con Te Partiro,” which is not, itself, a bad thing:


Solid remix of “Downtown” that improves on the original. Although the memorable horn melody is missing, the bass is more prominent:


Owen Norton’s remix of “Chasing Cars” is very well done; however, I notice similarities with the melody of summer anthem “Dragon.” Unintentional, yet amusing:


With “Together” in this playlist, I recall “Heart,” by DubVision. The chorus synths are alike. Insignificant, but interesting. Although “Heart” was in the “Summer Samples” playlist, “Together” actually came out a couple of months before. The vocal version of the former:

Speaking of Throttle, he just did a minimalist rendition of Earth, Wind & Fire. Definitely retains the funk, but is missing a little something. It highlights the vocals well:


“Strong,” by KSHMR and R3HAB, is, in truth, strong. That said, it’s reminiscent of KSHMR’s excellent “Secrets” with Tiësto:


A good remix of “Where’d You Go,” but is a little bland. The sample is great insofar as I love that song, but it seems incidental:


Very fun throwback featuring the velvet voice of Shotgun Tom Kelly as well as effective bass:

Retro-themed edit with cool intro melody that coasts a bit:


“This Time” is out now, but it’s the least compelling Axwell Ingrosso collab. Nevertheless, it is AI, so catchy and exemplary production:

“This time we can’t go home” is sampled from another Axwell Ingrosso song, “Something New.” Everything released has been awesome; it’s safe to expect the same from their forthcoming LP:


“Lost,” by Sander Van Doorn & MOTi, borders on exceptional, but that banshee wailing is a little much:


End with songs that are very good, but didn’t fit:


The latest greatest entry in “Jet Life” is Shaggy: