Updated on the reg. This title sounds like a very temporary a cappella squad. Every year, they spend one month performing Halloween songs before disbanding into the night. I think they do a nifty “Monster Mash.” Plus, everything improves by the end of the period. “Ghostbusters” goes gangbusters. 

These songs didn’t necessarily come out in October, but we’re definitely listening to them now.


What do we think of this song? It’s pretty fleeting, but has a nice funky edge while it lasts. The song is much easier to grasp once you realize it’s “Cake By the Ocean” and not “Kicked by the Ocean.”


Other notes..

Best song from the new album:


Apparently this is Avicii singing:


Cool disco vibe (if you allow that disco and cool may be in the same sentence)


Probably the best song off Arty‘s new album, Glorious. “Braver Love” is great, too. I can see how some might find that song teetering on a little generic, even though I can’t get enough of these progressive bangers. The vocal hook on “Waste Your Time” edges it forward.

You’re either going to buy into that protracted second hand click or it will ruin the song for you. This reminds me of a similar offbeat sound effect ruining an otherwise very enjoyable Jurassic 5 song:

Another comment about “Braver Love” is that Arty pulls no punches. It is an explosive peak-time banger, which is satisfying given the buildup to “Trio” in 2012. Just listen to how the hook sounded in preview (0:30)

compared to its understated drop in official availability (1:30):

Then listen to the maximal intensity of “Braver Love.” Big:


“I’m gonna tell you something about me, Joe Rogan, that you might not know.” I am a big Eric Prydz fan. Here is an original Beats 1 Radio mix (10/9) combined with a set from Café Mambo, in Ibiza. Check out the link for a track list.

And (10/23) another:


Let’s be clear; Adele’s new song, “Hello,” is exceptional. It blows numerous contemporaries out of the water and, what’s more, could convincingly be a new Bond song:


New song by Lost Kings is very catchy if you like Carly Rae Jepsen. How’s that for a qualifier? From what I understand, her new album, E•MO•TION, is well-received. Pitchfork says, “She told the Guardian she ‘spent an entire week vaping’ to sound ‘gritty’ on the song ‘Your Type’, yet she sounds no different on that track than on any of the others.” This song, “You,” sounds like “I Really Like You.”


Very satisfying mashup brought to my attention: