This playlist includes tracks that you may want to listen to twice. It’s not necessarily that they’re so good, but that they are too long for one sitting. A few are represented by shorter cuts of full versions. Others are examples of music with a great idea that extends. In many cases, I am okay with that. If the concept is good enough, it’s implementation can remain however long it likes. If it’s going to be ringing in my head, it might as well be replaying for real.

Here’s a nice one I couldn’t upload:

And this Journey remix was taken down:


Additionally, Eric Prydz’s remix of Faithless’ “Not Going Home” with and “Insomnia” bootleg:

I heard this at EPIC 3.0. Amazing. Although the build is long, the melodies are unforgettable. It climaxes at 6:58. A hook of hooks.

In context, listen to Avicii’s “Insomnia 2.0.” That melody is featured heavily:


This Project 46 pick is repetitive, but gigantic:


An excellent edit of “The Legend,” featuring vocals from Duvall in “Last Day On Earth,” by Michael Woods:

“Last Day On Earth” is, itself long. 7:30. Woods has a clip on SoundCloud:

What makes the “TBO Bootleg” excellent is “The Legend,” by Swanky Tunes, Matisse & Sadko, remains 7:38 without vocals. The song is almost tedious, yet funny. Funky. Even the loop is extended. You listen to it and think, “That’s it?” Nevertheless, “Legend” doubles down on repetition. Almost trolling. Eventually, however, you get it. It’s in the category of “What Is Love,” by Haddaway. I can imagine using “The Legend” instead of it. You can head bob like A Night at the Roxbury. Commit.



And finally, three of the best progressive house songs ever: