I used to have an encyclopedic familiarity with So You Think You Can Dance. All the variety was mesmerizing. You have to be flexible to adapt. I didn’t keep up this summer, but finished watching yesterday. The Stage vs. Street concept was gimmicky and didn’t play out meaningfully. It ensured the final two were from one or the other, respectively. Every episode, Cat announced if one team had more votes. And then…nothing.1492Travis and tWitch are great, but captains must have been more meaningful behind the scenes. They didn’t seem to care much whether their team won. Sportsmanship is important, but, in a competition, gamesmanship is, too. It was a solid season with some of the show’s best production values. After 11 years and 12 seasons, I look back at the routines I remember. I missed a lot, but it was more honest if I didn’t use a visual thesaurus like YouTube.Gaby-Diaz-wins-SYTYCD-Season-1212They aren’t necessarily the best moments––though many are––yet they stuck with me. At its best, SYTYCD is one of the few programs that can regularly give me happiness. There is so much artistry and skill on display, from the dances to the costumes, the music, the lighting, and the cameras. Naturally, we mustn’t forget Cat and “your…jiudges!” I hope in showing you glimpses of the show at its coolest, you will jump on board.

If you’re already immersed, it’s nice to have everything in one place. There were too many to choose from and, in some cases, I didn’t. I chose too many.

Here’s to Season 13!

(Honorable mention) Season 10: Fik-Shun Top 6 Solo

(Honorable mention) Season 7: Lauren’s unusual Audition

and Vegas Solo

(Dishonorable mention) Although choreographer Alex Da Silva is serving out a 10-year prison sentence, his mambo illustrates Heidi and Benji at their best:

50. Tie – Season 1: Nick and Melody (Disco)

Season 9: Witney and Chehon (Contemporary)

49.  Tie – Season 4: Katee and Joshua (Bollywood)

Season 3: Danny and Lauren (Contemporary)

48. Tie – Season 12: Top 20 Group Performance (Hip-Hop)

Season 7: Robert and Kathryn (Broadway)

47. Tie – Season 9: Alex and Eliana (Contemporary)

Season 9: Eliana and Cole (Contemporary)

46. Tie – Season 5: Jason and Jeanine (Contemporary)

Season 4: tWitch Solos

45. Tie – Season 4: Will and Jessica (Contemporary)

Season 6: Kathryn and Legacy (Contemporary)

44. Tie – Season 6: Ashleigh and Jakob (Jazz)

Season 5: Ade Top 12 Solo

43. Tie – Season 12: Gaby and Joshua (Hip-Hop)

Season 12: Jaja Audition

42. Tie – Season 8: Melanie and Marko (Lyrical Hip-Hop)

Season 5: Kayla and Brandon (Broadway)

41. Tie – Season 6: Kathryn and Ryan (Cha-Cha)

Season 8: Top 10 Guys Performance (Hip-Hop/Contemporary)

40. Tie – Season 10: Jenna and Mark (Jazz Funk and Voguing)

Season 4: Joshua and Katee (Lyrical Hip-Hop)

39. Season 8: Marko and Melanie (Contemporary)

38. Season 3: Neil and Danny (Contemporary)

37. Tie – Season 5: Kayla and Kupono (Contemporary)

Season 7: Billy, Alex, and Ade (Contemporary)


36. Season 9: Audrey and Matthew (Contemporary)

35. Tie – Season 11: Jessica and Ricky (Contemporary)

Season 5: Brandon and Janette (Cha-Cha)

34. Season 10: Amy and Fik-Shun (Hip-Hop)

33Season 11: Valerie and Ricky (Hip-Hop)

32. Tie – Season 12: Top 14 Group Performance

Season 7: Top 6 Group Performance (Contemporary)

31. Season 5: Top 14 Group Performance (Broadway)

30. Season 4: Katee and tWitch (Contemporary)

29. Tie – Season 5: Brandon and Janette (Disco)

Season 8: Sasha and tWitch (Hip-Hop)

28. Tie – Season 12: Jim Top 8 Solo

Season 1: Nick Solos

27. Tie – Season 11: SYTYCD Australia Winner Michael Dameski U.S. Finale Solo

Season 9: Chehon Solos

26. Season 5: Brandon and Janette (Jazz)

25. Season 7: Robert and Allison (Contemporary)

24. Season 5: Jeanine Finale Solo

23. Season 8: Melanie and Neil (Contemporary)

22. Season 7: Kent and Lauren (Contemporary)

21. Season 7: Allison and Alex (Contemporary)

20. Season 1: Blake Top 6 Solo

19. Season 3: Danny and Lacey (Samba)

18. Season 5: Top 8 + Judges Finale Group Performance (Broadway)

17. Season 3: Danny Top 4 Solo

16. Season 7: Alex Vegas Solo

15. Season 3: Sabra and Neil (Jazz)

14. Season 2: Travis and Heidi (Contemporary)

13. Season 10: Hayley and Nico (Broadway)

12. Season 10: Amy and Travis (Contemporary)

11. Season 3: Hok and Jaimie (Contemporary)

10. Season 7: Top 11 and All Stars Group Performance (Jazz)

9. Season 4: Mark and Chelsie (Lyrical Hip-Hop)

8. Season 12: Top 16 Team Stage Group Performance (Contemporary)

7. Season 9: Lindsay and Cole (Paso Doble)

6. Season 5: Brandon and Janette (Argentine Tango)

5. Season 7: Alex and tWitch (Hip-Hop)

4. Season 5: Brandon Top 6 Solo

3. Season 10: Top 20 Opening Group Performance (Jazz-Funk)

2. Season 2: Top 10 Group Performance (Pop-Jazz)

1. Season 6: Top 20 Group Performance (Jazz)

Bonus – Compilation of Quest Crew on ABDC, featuring several SYTYCD alums: