A lot of the time, new titles are difficult. Right away, “Prospectacles” is gone. “Through the Looking Glasses” is an episode of Arthur.

You have to look in places few think to. This is either because everybody is looking or never does. “The Man Without Fear” is based on Murdock’s incapacity. Although he can’t see, he sure as Hell’s Kitchen isn’t afraid. Enemies appear less threatening if unseen. They appear less. Imagine an invisible bad guy.

You can’t. Not at first glance. Apparently, there is little to fear but itself. the-only-thing-we-have-to-fear-is-fear-itself-and-spiders

If you lift it like a veil, the object objection is gone. Less is more or less. Small wonder you hide under the covers. In the dark, monsters disappear. Your only resistance is the cover of night. Moonlight. Anxiety. If butterflies moonlight as vampires, I’ll believe it when I see it. Insectosaurus ConceptMany are afraid of inability. Others are less inclined to see than what might happen.

I had my glasses from 9th grade. Identical frames. This pair lasted since I entered college. Eventually, my vision eroded. You go for long enough you forget how to see. You begin thinking it’s better without. Within. This is how it looks if nothing resembles itself. Muddy.

Nothing you haven’t seen. Following adjustment, I rely on alternate senses. Daring. Hesitant. A prescription for daze, if not days.

I avoided lenses insofar as everything chills. If overstimulated, environments get sharp. Older vision dulls. Furthermore, Nike Flexon is durable. It’s like a ring of invisibility. If you want to destroy it, you’ve got to take it to Mount Doom. Differently, however, it goes unnoticed. My vision is so bad I can’t even see my glasses. I can’t see well enough to see better. My glasses aren’t even strong enough for me to choose my next pair.



exams are

tricky if memorized

That’s the thing about glasses. They overpower your eyes. Obviously this is ripe for analysis. Did my lenses reflect my adulthood? Abraded viewership unwilling own impurity? Was it my carousel moment? “Bueller…Bueller…” Caulfield? How’s this for fanfic? Bueller Caulfield. I am never going to bore you with bungling romance. Drunken love.

Neither GC nor BC is a poet. Know it. And in unison? “By your powers combined, I am Captain Planet!”

Ma-Ti, if not Mai Tai.

The thing with kids is, if they want to grab the gold ring, you have to let them do it, and not say anything. If they fall off they fall off, but it’s bad if you say anything to them.”

Frodo. He’s the hero this blog deserves, but not the one it needs right now. Heart is only a fifth of the equation. I would rather have vision than one.

Thick skin, thinner frame. Tortoiseshell, edgy. My vision improved, yet I have blind spots. After losing it so long, you expect to gain insight. Like you’re going to invent words or whatever. tumblr_npagfzgdjP1rz6w0do1_500A new set of eyes. Different people or a new pair? Through the wire. It’s ass bird…absurd how well humans can see; I feel like a falcon.tumblr_mgr3ol5icP1qff8hqo1_500gcbcDhousesmm2My lenses are a sight to behold. Huge upgrade. I keep feeling like they’re going to run out of batteries, but I’m ogling, not Googling. You forget eyes are used for sight, rather than occupying your head. It’s easy to lose track of them with time, as you would a watch with your glasses. My old specs bent and I’d misplace them. But now that I can see, it will be much easier to find them. On the nose, rather than under it. Right in front of me.