Sounds like a romantic comedy. As such, the third time is charming, if not the charm. Same goes for marriage. Three strikes. We’re talking about championships, however, not engagements. I don’t want you to think we’re exclusive. Until now, I have failed to express certain topics. Out of key, instead of keynotes. Arpeggiated fifths. That would be pretentious if I actually played. Instead, I was allured by the blogger’s mistress. Meandering introspection.

I love good tangents and bad puns, for better or worse. Weddings and championships have a similar ring to them. You don’t have to get married to share in the latter, though a wealth of fans do. They are fans of the team, if not each other. In a lot of cases, being a fan is like marrying into a family. In others, it’s like being born into one. If something doesn’t go your way, you can claim it was doomed from the start. After all, 50% of marriages end in divorce, which isn’t true.

I enjoy culture. More specifically, pop. I’m not nearly mature enough to understand all the classic literature I’ve read. Or even what I’m supposed to have read. Sometimes, you get a better understanding from SparkNotes than the books themselves. How do I know? I’ve done both. Take a chapter and Spark what you’ve read or vice versa. I wonder, “Why isn’t writing this simple? What if the entire literary canon was just Masterplots?” Remove the middleman.

Enjoying sports is like that, too. In a lot of cases, you’ll find the most ardent fans are hitched to a particular team. It’s within speculation that a number are more committed to a franchise than its respective game. Some people just like being fans, getting swept up in frenzy. Loving the game has an intellectual bent insofar as admiring the logistics. Supporting a squad certainly features team dynamics, yet attachment is often contiguous with emotion.

The difference is between objective devotion and speculative hijinks. On the one hand, many find sports beautiful. They showcase the human form in its coordinated majesty. Even at lower levels, you can get a sense of what athletes are going for, if not just imagining it. One thing that’s so great about intermediate athletics is how the difficulty adjusts. Insofar as a rising tide lifts all boats, a falling tide lowers them. In both cases, the effect is the same.

On the other hand, things get ugly. If skill levels deplete, everything follows. That is, less skilled players are typically supported by less skilled fans. Like a liquidating chain, everything must go. Sometimes, you wish irritating fans would just go. Sometimes, all it really takes is a trip to the john. Alternatively, I find seasoned fans, if not all season, sipping cheap beer like a mint julep. Beer water requires, nay, demands refined taste.

If you watch enough elites players, you eventually get tired of their artistry. Because they do it all, you’ve seen it all. You want to go back to the origins, where energy is raw. Attitude stands in for finesse, if it doesn’t make up for it. You want finger painting, not acrylic. If you see more adults at a little league game than parents, you know why. Watered-down beer and watered-down colors. They go together like oil and vinegar emulsion. It defies expectations by meeting them.

I like pop culture, but I don’t have time for everything. Music, movies, TV. Too much. It’s burdensome keeping up with a medium. Just one. There isn’t enough time in the day. Even evenings end. I didn’t suggest video games or books yet. Fortunately, society allows for choice. Like Democracy, a remote enables viewers to pick amongst given options. If you don’t like anything, you don’t watch. I’m not sure how you’d know if you didn’t. Vote.

A bit of this, a little that. Moreover, viewing alternatives permit audiences watch how they when. I use “when” as a verb. All told, however, technology implied grammar optional. Everything is like a headline, even as the butt of a joke. We toe the line between farce and arse. All I’m saying is the time saved by selecting isn’t remote. Have a moment in consideration of the clock. Before you let slip the hands of time, sit on them.

What if someone said you can only watch one channel? Specifically, you can only watch one show. This is an enormous burden unless your favorite show is on it. Even then, you tire. See where it’s going? Shows are usually on once a week then hiatus after a bit. Hiatus as a verb. You wouldn’t watch anything interim. Some never watch anyway. I’m talking about others compelled to observe entertainment beyond that. Obviously, you must have time in the first.

It is generally accepted for individuals to appreciate more than one sport. After all, they aren’t on every instant you switch the television. How would you respond if you could only watch one team? I suppose this may not bother a handful. Everybody is picky with time, so your teams are probably hand-picked as such. Nevertheless, you may find yourself watching another group if you have time and yours isn’t on. Especially if you enjoy sports at large.

I was an athlete and may or may not still be athletic. In turn, I can enjoy sports. Appreciating how amazing the players are is achievable in two senses. First, you haven’t played and marvel at the things you never did or will be able to do. Secondly, you did play and marvel all the more at those same things. I mention in a future post, “Why Heels,” that I was less interested in athletics than good health. I like competition, but with myself.

It’s easier setting your own pace. I beat myself at my own game. For a while, I didn’t watch a lot of sports. Exceptions were singles tennis and wrestling. Amateur wrestling is hardly ever on, so I didn’t get to vicariously exist in the ring. On the other hand, pro wrestling is on multiple times in a week. I don’t know whether you count that for sports or sports entertainment. At 11 or so, I obsessed with (then) WWF. Even though I hardly watch, I have great respect for it.

Monday Night Raw and Smackdown are number one and two, respectively, in weekly episodic programming. That is, they’ve been around much longer than anything else. Can you imagine storytelling all year? The only entertainment that even comes close is late night or sports. One has athletics and no story, while the other has writing and no competition. I guess there are multiple talk shows and ESPN is in there.

For the most part, I abstain from procedurals. They may have an overarching mythology, but every episode is on its own. It’s tough to get invested in something that has little staying power. Even NCIS or Law and Order: SVU self-contain. Sure, longevity enables idiosyncratic character moments, but those are a dime a dozen. Good writing is ever appreciated and appreciating, but I prefer unique plots to limited identity expansion.

Although character development is essential, stories affect all. I’m underselling mentality growth, yet fancy both. Serialized arcs have space for gripping protagonists. Advantages of a procedural include consolidated resolution as well as subsidiary commitments. If you have little time, the latter is great because you’ll get much of your needs out of one episode. Moreover, you can skip a few and miss few beats. In solo athletics, you attend careers like serialized narrative.

In contrast, I viewed teams like procedurals. How do you invest if everything changes each year? Personnel evolves. You could be rooting for entirely different teams. Literally. Ultimately, fans stick with a logo. Brands erect spirit as extensions of your home. But like me? End of the day, I was too tired of and from my own sports to see more. My family is the home team. New fans experience lower compulsion to join ranks.

Watching news isn’t helpful in that best uniforms garner key coverage. You aren’t seeing a whole lot of reason to embark in your local quest if the quality is low. Here’s what happened: I got to a point where I’d seen many movies. So many, in fact, I was essentially up to speed. Obviously, I haven’t made fastidious work in everything. At the time, however, I thought I had. All the new TV shows either didn’t interest me or evaded my timetable.

In school, I didn’t have a great way of keeping up. Dormitories had only one TV, usually occupied by SportsCenter or a movie I probably saw. As such, I exposed myself to highlight reels. Athletics owned bigger allure as I involved myself less and less. I didn’t play collegiate except for intramurals. Floor hockey or rackets. Afterwards, I mentioned, I quit sports in all. Exercising daily, but by myself. TV became an outlet for that, if not a replacement.

By graduation, I became mildly familiar with media talking points. I knew about the Seahawks and LeBron. Admittedly, I supported the Patriots. Even in 2007, disgusted by exaggerated vitriol, I moonlighted as one of maybe four students opposed to my hometown Giants. I didn’t know a lot, but, in a way, my perception of unjust displeasure with Tom Brady is pure. My allegiance never competed with awesome. 16? I’m hooked even though I didn’t watch a game.

In my mind, going undefeated is much cooler than disrupting it. I felt cheating scandals were excuses to undermine greatness. I never dismissed encroachments, but antagonists evoked the tall poppy syndrome. Complicated by actual transgressions, merit mystified. I confirm, however, minimal New Yorkers. I suppose it follows, then, if no horse racing, pick whichever one didn’t cheat. Retrospectively, I was opposed to a Giants bandwagon.

Given small support, it’s hard to say if I joined one. Nevertheless, I sustain a loyalty with New England. I’m not a fan, exactly, but I follow during big moments. 2015 is one. In the wake of scandal, I experienced a lot of the animosity I felt during previous success. Admittedly, any fraud is atrocious. I don’t swing one way insofar as evidence is yet concrete. That said, does anybody actually think much of Belichek’s victories are due to claims actually tried?

I know arguments assemble indicating lesser impropriety is symptomatic. Could be. Yet convicts are innocent until proven guilty. Another says, “The Patriots were convicted, as you say.” Undoubtedly. Equally verifiable is a single crime not equivalent to untold guilt. Legally. Acting  like everything you think is, in fact, proven intimates narcissism. “Would it be that big of a deal if we bent reality to be consistent with my ideals?” “Sure, it’s called fascism.”

Many people take this very seriously. “If we can just delegitimize him, everything further is moot. His past cancels his future. We can ignore greatness by omission.” For some, this is religion. Win or lose, it’s how you pray. There are many sports and even more teams. Not everyone can have a Christlike adoration for every one, let alone everyone. In 2014, I supported Denver because I had Elway in NFL Blitz. I used Julius Peppers in Madden 2004, liking Panther Blue.

I entered high school in 2005. Amidst academics, textbook Wade was heating up. Later, I got into basketball. Initially, I buckled. Where to begin? LeBron conveniently migrated. Adjoining utterances struck me as immature, not immoral. Hatred comparable to Patriotism. Convergence made it easy to keep tabs on Miami. The Knicks? I spent a lot of time away. High school, college. The easiest way to enter the conversation is what people are already talking about.

I enjoy sports. Never especially attached. If you don’t have a ton of time, but watch, why wouldn’t you experience the best? It’s the most entertaining social utility. Athletics gave me an icebreaker. I left college, LeBron returned home. With family from Cleveland, I’m in. Furthermore, why wouldn’t you enjoy him? Why waste effort knocking talents like LeBron if you can find fun in his game? Additionally, he’s handled stardom like a pro.

Everyone makes mistakes and LeBron never did anything truly bad. Unlike some fans, he didn’t burn his Cleveland jersey. Anyway, I came back to New York. Here, it’s more useful to be a Nets or Knicks admirer. In a way, they’re another bandwagon. Neither was good, so The Cavs were more engaging. You have your home favorites, but they’re not always in the mix. It’s like moving to a new town and keeping old acquaintances new instead of making new friends.

You don’t want disloyalty. Shifting loyalties, however, are better than none. If you’re home, stay. Elsewhere, play the field. Test your loyalties. See how long you last with a single team. Local, not loco. Loyal, if not to yourself. The bandwagon isn’t a Mystery Machine. Be yourself. Forge your own path, if not your name. You can embrace the bad in a good team or find good in a bad one. Everybody needs you. Fans dislike it, but owners take what they get. Fun means funds.

The only reason you might be irritated selling out is you cannot get tickets. You can have your cake and eat it, too. Without a wedding. It’s sort of avant garde. You never have to sell your soul. It’s more affordable. Just trade it in. The bandwagon is of few situations you are more derided for being winners than losers. Being a winner can make you a loser, if not vice versa. Plenty of people play for the other team. Like one in 30 or something.

You shouldn’t have to alter states to switch favorites. Move. What if it’s the same city, yet a little closer? I’m at home in my head. Everyone always says you should be your own person. I think the same goes for sports: be your own fan. Why punish for eclectic admiration? You don’t have to belong to yourself in order to belong. Besides, if your teams aren’t so close to home, you won’t take loss as personally. Furthermore, you can focus on gameplay. Graphics.

In some ways, it is more enjoyable to watch a game while supporting the opposition. Always pleasantly surprised. By supporting, you may diffuse bad juju from otherwise cursing them. I like multiple teams. Simplicity compounded. Some might argue against multiplicity like polygamy. It only takes one to win. Only one can win. If it’s up your alley, you only need one. You’re just setting yourself oop. It’s simple, like chicken noodle soup. Duck soup.

“Too many cocks in the kitchen, you know? Too many birds.” “Polygamous fandom.” No. “I’m gonna marry the night, I won’t give up on my life.” Such is the kiss of death. A dry spell, not a wet one. Bandwagon hype. “You’ve got to support your own needs before your team.” All aboard! Be your own fan. Life is quick. You never know what’s coming, but you can sure as hell pretend you did. It’s a speculative bubble, like tulip mania. You think it smells nice until it dies.

Round and round the bandwagon goes, where it stops everybody knows. I hear the weather is good in California this time of year.NBA Bandwagon Form